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Antibacterial activity of raw milk again   Antibacterial activity of raw milk again... - Complex Object ()
Pid: 30025
Title: Antibacterial activity of raw milk against Listeria monocytogenes
Fulltext available here: http://www.diaa.asn.au/publications/australian-journal-of-dairy-technology
Fulltext available here: http://www.diaa.asn.au/publications/australian-journal-of-dairy-technology/articles/article/australian-journal-of-dairy-technology/23-adjt-articles/1358-antibacterial-activity-of-raw-milk-against-listeria-monocytogenes
Library catalogue link: http://www.diaa.asn.au/publications/australian-journal-of-dairy-technology
Library catalogue link: http://www.diaa.asn.au/publications/australian-journal-of-dairy-technology/articles/article/australian-journal-of-dairy-technology/23-adjt-articles/1358-antibacterial-activity-of-raw-milk-against-listeria-monocytogenes
Author: Pitt, Wayne -- waynempitt@hotmail.com -- Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research -- Office Students, Engagement -- DVCRe, National Wine & Grape Ind. Ctre (NWGIC)
Author: Harden, Terence -- Faculty of Science and Agriculture -- School of Wine & Food Sciences
Author: Hull, Ronald R.
Publisher: Werribee, Victoria, Australia : Dairy Industry Association of Australia, 1999.
In: Australian Journal of Dairy Technology
Author FoR: 060500 -- Microbiology -- 100%
Author FoR: 060501 -- Bacteriology -- 100%
Author FoR: 090800 -- Food Sciences -- 100%
Vol no.: 54
Issue no.: 2
Year: 1999
Pages: 90-93
Abstract: Raw bovine milk was shown to contain anti-Listeria monocytogenesactivity. L. monocytogenes inoculated into raw milkat 37°C to give an initial bacterial concentration of approximately10,000 cfu/mL multiplied at a reduced rate forapproximately 12 hours and then rapidly lost viability. Fifty-sixhours after the inoculation of raw milk, no viable cells ofL. monocytogenes were detectable. The anti-Listeria systemwas most active in raw milk incubated at 37°C. The activitywas reduced at lower temperatures of 25°C, 7°C and 4°C; byheating the milk at 72°C for 15 seconds (pasteurisation); andby storing the milk at 4°C for 4 to 6 days. These preliminaryresults require further study to elucidate the mechanism ofanti-Listeria activity in raw milk and also to determine the roleof antimicrobial systems in the control of pathogenic andspoilage micro-organisms in milk products.
ISSN: 0004-9433
Type: Journal article
Open access: Copyright owner permission required
Permalink: http://researchoutput.csu.edu.au/R/-?func=dbin-jump-full&object_id=30025&local_base=GEN01-CSU01
Sys: 000009150
Number of Deliveries 0
Author: Pitt, Wayne
Author: Harden, Terence
Author: Hull, Ronald R.

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