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Social science research is essential to investigating and understanding many of the complex global problems that humanity faces this century. Social science research can cut across traditional disciplinary lines, and provide unique, rich, rigorous and innovative research insights. However, there are unique challenges for social scientists doing research in traditional bio-physical science settings, and for those researchers trained as bio-physical scientists, but wanting to incorporate social science in their work. Many research projects now include multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research teams that have to grapple with different epistemologies, ontologies, philosophies and worldviews about what constitutes ‘good’ research.

Social science is certainly more than a semi-structured interview - but where and how to start on social science research and collaboration can be daunting - both for social scientists and for bio-physical scientists.

This Community of Practice was established in 2021 by Dr Sarina Kilham, and meets monthly via an online.

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