Analytic review of subjects: Investigate the use of analytics in the teaching modules to evaluate the types of online learning activities most visited, and which gained sustained use and quality student responses.

Activity: Scholarly activities in Learning and Teaching reflectionSelf/institutional leadership reflection


Descrition: Discussions occurred at Midwifery Discipline meetings where all staff find that student response is lacking. This year I used the online tutorials for assessment item sessions, however this failed to obtain more then 1-2 students per session; sometimes no one attended.
Reflection: This was important as I wanted students to make the most of their learning experience and learn what may be more suitable ways of learning from the students perspective. I did research analytics in practice and reviewed the online chapter by Jason M Lodge in "Online Education by Design: Using Evidence and Course Analytics to Achieve Best Online Teaching and Learning Practice". There was information in relation to blended learning which can be seen in the GDM, however due to the employment model of the GDM and the shift work involved, the engagement remains challenging.
Another article ( I found when researching analytics in teaching was really evident in the GDM and resonated with my teaching experience. It explained how the researchers were disappointing in the low level of engagement in the course, however the participants believed that seeing the same students constantly engaged in the course provided positives. I agree as this is what I found when I reviewed the analytics in the i2 sites; that the same students were engaged in watching lectures, completing modules and answering the discussion boards.
Implementation: From reviewing student feedback and my own research, I am planning on making sure all tutorials are recorded and available for students to watch in their own time. Further encouragement and direction to watch in their own time is required, and this will support their current clinical/academic requirements for the GDM.
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