Assessment - Academic Progress Procedure

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Contribution from the WPL perspective for: (8) The Division of Student Administration (DSA) will review all students’ academic progress after each session. Where, however, a student is enrolled in only one subject per session: the DSA will review the student’s academic progress once the student has completed 12 months of enrolment comprising two or more sessions of enrolment.

(9) The Assessment Policy states the three stages of academic progress for students who do not maintain satisfactory academic progress. The process for students at each stage of academic progress is stated below.

Detailed criteria for deciding a student’s academic progress stage

(10) The Division of Student Administration will apply the criteria in the table below to identify students whose academic progress is unsatisfactory. These are more detailed versions of the criteria for academic progress monitoring stated in the Assessment Policy.
a. A student who meets a criterion will be subject to the actions indicated in the table.
b. In applying these criteria, subjects with FNS (withdrawn non-submission) grades are counted as failed subjects.
Period08 Oct 2020
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