Attending the Charles Sturt University DLT workshops in the 202130 and the 202160 semesters.

  • Miranda Alagich (Participant)

    Activity: Participating in or organising an eventPublic lecture/debate/seminar/presentationAcademic


    I have been attending the Tuesday DLT sessions for each of the weeks in 202130, to improve my understanding and use of Excel and google sheets, during my time at Charles Sturt University (CSU) and to become better acquainted with what needs doing, and also with keeping up-to-date with changes within the organisation of Study Group and CSU.

    I have attended all of the sessions during that time, and learnt a lot about Zoom and the different google sites, and have demonstrated that by being able to find the answer to questions, sent to my Manager, before sending her a message saying that I have found the answer and that I did not need the assistance from her. This has happened on 3 or 4 occasions now.

    Attending the sessions has also made me feel more confident when having to complete tasks such as moving information onto the iLearn site, accessing ASC classes in order to present the ASC presentations, and also to try finding the answer to my questions before asking for assistance. However, with regards to doing new things within the ASC presentation classes, due to a lack of time, I do not present in very many new ways compared to before but still ask students to unmute their microphones and give me the answers, or to place their answers onto the Chat box.

    With regards to presenting the ASDP workshops, I am much more confident with putting attendance sheets and other necessary materials onto the Chat box, moving from PP presentations to the Socrative site, and also moving from one online site to another in general, to show students the different sites on iLearn. I also feel a lot more confident in using the Breakout Rooms with students during Orientation sessions each semester.

    Altogether, I feel I am gaining in confidence and am better able to access the sites I need to when on Zoom. This has also been due to more prolonged usage of Zoom and other online tools, as well as the attendance at the DLT training sessions.

    The additional confidence in using the laptop and other software applications can also be demonstrated by, for example, on 13.10.21, I was not able to type on my keyboard. So, I unplugged and checked my connections and was able to work out that the connection was not working. I shut down and restarted my laptop, and after I did that I was able to use the keyboard and all the other parts of my laptop. I am also saving what I have created on my USB, just in case my work laptop freezes again, as it did in the middle of the 202160 semester.

    Likewise, since we have gone national and are now on Teams, I am able to use that more effectively, and am able to locate what I need to much more readily. However, I still like to put the materials on my Desktop and then make any changes needed or add and animate the materials for the presentations that I make for ASDPs or the ASCs.
    Period23 Feb 202114 Oct 2021
    Event typeWorkshop
    Degree of RecognitionNational