Editor of Book of Abstracts of the 45th Annual Conference of Australian and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRSAI2022)

The overwhelming growth of data and its users is a reality, which has put new thoughts among the research community to devise new ideas for giving data driven evidenced-based policy decisions at local, state, national and international level. In recent years, regional statistics and data science have received renewed interest from a broad range of stakeholders ranging from Governments to corporations and end users of data and its analysis or modelling tools. As a result, regional development, and modelling, applied statistics and data science research such as housing and labour force dynamics, geospatial modelling, artificial intelligence, data mining and policy analysis have been placed high as a local, state and national priority in many countries including Australia. In this data centric world with vastly growing demand situation,
there is a need to ensure that reliable regional priority-based analysis and data science-based modelling solutions that address important and emerging policy issues at both public and private institutions are disseminated timely and widely amongst the research and industry community.

The 45th Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International conference (ANZRSAI2022) aims to promote research collaborations and exchange ideas between regional research scientists and professionals, data modellers, applied statisticians and social scientists who will detail the latest innovations in research to gather and disseminate information from small to big data settings, and from policy analysts who will describe how they use existing information from increasing big data environments and indicate areas in which there need to be methodological and technological developments. Another aim is to establish connections between researchers at tertiary institutions and working in industry in Australia and overseas. The theme of ANZRSAI2022 is "Data Science in Regional Policy: Housing and Workforce Dynamics".

This year, the main feature of the ANZRSAI2022 is that it has received a more than 25 good quality submissions (covering a wide range of topics including housing taxation, predicting extreme rainfall, social agile versus resilient regional communities, cultural distance analysis, COVID-19, AI techniques, spatiotemporal analysis, data science, public policy and agricultural modelling and policy) from 9 different countries across the globe. A truly international mix of HDR students to expert researchers in academia and industry are attending the 2022 conference. The keynote sessions involve in De-risking Australian agricultural sector through supply chain mapping tool to action for more ethical data science in regional policy targeting for precision level local policy. ANZRSAI2022 also has a range of invited sessions and panel discussion which are specially focusing on industry’s research issues and modelling opportunities using contemporary data science methodologies tools and techniques.

In addition to the refereed abstracts book, ANZRSAI2022 will publish selected full papers as a Special Issue in the “Australian Journal of Regional Studies (AJRS)” a high-quality journal and flagship publication by the ANZRSAI. Authors are encouraged to write an expression of interest by email to the Conference Organising Committee Chair on for contributing to journal publications.

Finally, thanks to all authors and participants who have contributed to the ANZRSAI2022 initiative. We are looking forward to welcome you in the next conference as well.
Period01 Dec 202202 Dec 2022
Event typeConference
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