Canine Reproduction - setting the foundations for successful breeding

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Title: Canine Reproduction – setting the foundations for successful breeding.

A thorough understanding of canine reproductive anatomy, physiology, and endocrinology is important for successful breeding management in the bitch. Being a monoestrus species, this webinar will be useful for veterinarians to understand the intricacies of the canine oestrous cycle and how to use that knowledge in a clinical setting for management of reproduction. Anatomical aspects of clinical importance for breeding management will be briefly discussed. In addition, various diagnostic tests based on endocrine profiles (Luteinising Hormone, Progesterone); serial exfoliative vaginal cytology; and other morphological/behavioural changes will be discussed as part of staging the canine oestrous cycle. Staging of the cycle is very important to identify the optimal fertile period for timing of natural mating/artificial insemination for a successful pregnancy, and also improvement of litter size. The session will also briefly cover canine pregnancy including endocrinology of gestation, methods of pregnancy diagnosis, and estimation of whelping dates for elective caesarean operations or supervised whelping.
Period23 Sept 2019
Event typeOnline presentation
Degree of RecognitionNational