Content creation /delivery of a new Honours subject RES402

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Working collaboratively on developing and delivering a new Honours subject RES402 -Honours Theory and Proposal ;
(1) As part of developing a new course Bachelor of Applied Research (Honours) I designed a new subject -RES402. As this new Honours course is being delivered across the FBJBS we decided to have a disciplinary specific approach in delivering first four topics- - Understanding the process and main approaches; How to write a feasible, methodologically sound research proposal; The role of theory in research and Critical review of the literature. For each of these topics we developed the specific teaching content and additional readings as appropriate for the Business, IT/Computing , Criminology and Legal studies.
(2) That disciplinary specific approach in designing and delivering the modules was challenging and required a collaborating across other contributors, who were the discipline experts. It was first time that an Honours subject has been offered to the students across disciplines. Another level of the complexity was the fact that new Honours students (intake 2021) were doing a wide range of the Honours topics so it required a specific, more tailored approach to delivery of the content. As a Subject Convenor I run weekly teaching sessions , as well as a small size study group which were discipline specifics. Those proved to be highly regarded by the students.
(3)Subject convenor, Course director and other teaching have been meeting regularly during teaching Session 1 2021. We have been constantly reviewing progress of all 15 Honours students and were doing it in the context of both RES401 and RES 402.
The results of Subject Experience Survey – were encouraging:
4.90 Always to Never (10 responses)
4.90 ONLINE_F->T (20 responses)
4.66 Very Large Extent to Very Small (85 responses)
More than 80% of the Scores for the general item were higher that the Faculty average .
Qualitative responses from the RES402 students outlined my knowledge of the multidisciplinary literature and approached to doing research as most helpful in the learning. Flexibility in delivering the subject nature was also highly ranked by the students.
PeriodJan 2021Jul 2021
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