Creation of new subject: ITC588 Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications

  • Anwaar Ul-Haq (Creator)

Activity: Engagement and professional developmentContent creation/deliveryAcademic


Copied from reflection:
For year 2021-2022, my scholarly work has been the creation of new subject : ITC588 Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications. Content development, relevant labs, interact2 site preparation, course video, and voice-over recordings were all part of the package. My goal was to create a subject that is easily accepted by and accessible to students with little or no programming experience, while also imparting knowledge and abilities that are valuable when applying artificial intelligence in commercial contexts..
The task did require me to take a practical approach to introduce the most recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence in:
•Providing important insights into upcoming Artificial Intelligence applications for today's enterprises and industries;

•Teaching fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, deep learning and reinforcement learning, and applying these technologies to solve complex business problems;

•Determining an easily understood approach to the required theory and labs while ensuring students have all necessary formative knowledge to understand and apply later and more sophisticated concepts in business applications;

•Presenting the subject (content, labs, learning activities, assessments) in such a way as to be consistent with the development principles of other introductory business subjects – achieved through advice from and collaboration with L&T staff.
This exercise did provide a number of learnings, the main two beings:
•The need for more aggressive scheduling (as well as collaboration with L&T workers) in order to ensure the quality of the end output. Whether done topic by topic or as a comprehensive subject, this must be completed in precise detail prior to the first offering of the subject matter.; and

•Creating a link between research and teaching by incorporating artificial intelligence research into the curriculum. A rewarding experience is being a part in the advancement of scientific knowledge.
I acknowledge that L&T staff's creativity and technical talents were critical to this activity completion - in developing unique approaches to the presentation of learning activities and allowing the subject to satisfy its brief of being "completely online, active, and engaging." Likewise, I valued the business academics' candid and unflinching advise. Teaching Reflection, Reflect on Subject and Course Design, and Critique a Subject Assessment were additional important insights obtained from EEL516 - Foundations of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.
Formal student evaluation for the subject is yet to occur as subject will be offered in 202230 session for the first time. Formal Subject Evaluation, Student Progress Rate and Student Success Rate will be key indicators of success in this activity.
In conclusion, this activity provided me with a valuable learning opportunity that will enable me to better develop or renovate other subjects that require a fresh perspective. I also believe I am more prepared and capable of meeting the needs of the growing number of Charles Sturt University students interested in learning artificial intelligence from a variety of backgrounds.
Period07 Dec 202010 Nov 2021
Held atComputing, Mathematics and Engineering
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