CS EdX 2021

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Co-produce a podcast and co-present Q&A session "COM113Radio: Connecting Students On-Air" at CSUEdX.

It is the beginning of session and students are preparing for their first lecture.  They are gathering in their dorms and tuning-in to the radio.  The lecturer is not walking into a lecture theatre but instead into the on-air studio at radio station 2MCE.  The lectern, projector and whiteboard will be replaced with a microphone, broadcast panel and a text-line.  The lecture is about to be delivered over the airwaves.  What can teaching on the radio sound like?


This podcast and conference Q&A session will reflect the experience of using airtime on 2MCE community radio station as an innovative attempt at authentic teaching in a foundational undergraduate radio subject in the Bachelor of Communication.  In 2021, the subject COM113 was offered in a blended mode, with both an online and on campus cohort participating in the same learning experiences at the same time.  Institutional financial pressures, partly arising from Covid-19 required there to be only one shared lecture for the two cohorts. Rather than offering a wholly recorded video lecture, or a live lecture which was then filmed and streamed to online students, we devised a plan to offer the ‘lecture’ as a radio show broadcast live terrestrially and on the internet and archived for later access for all cohorts using the facilities of our university’s on campus radio station.

COM113Radio was a weekly educational radio program to deliver subject material and create a collaborative learning environment for students in the subject.  The program was hosted by Michelle O’Connor, the subject coordinator and students were invited to contribute to the program through content creation activities in the subject’s tutorials, the program’s text line, a Facebook group, and co-hosting opportunities.  This podcast will include an overview of the tradition of educational radio, reflections about the COM113Radio experience and possibilities for future ideas of using radio for subject learning.  The conference Q&A session will invite questions from participants about the process of using radio to teach COM113.  The podcast and conference Q&A session will be hosted by Michelle O’Connor and Travis Holland, Lecturer Communication and feature reflections from Lisa McLean, 2MCE Station Manager and students involved with the subject.  Podcast listeners and conference session participants will hear what teaching can sound like on the radio and hopefully be inspired to think about the possibilities for using radio to deliver subject content and engage student learning.




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Period17 Nov 2021
Event typeConference