CSU Future Researchers Program Presenter

  • Mike Cahill (Speaker)

Activity: Engagement and professional developmentDelivery of advanced professional developmentAcademic


Presenter for Future Research Leaders Program on Module 6: Grant and Contract
Invited by Dr Melanie Bryant, Head, Research Professional Development Programs, who chaired the program.

Participant Comments:
------- (11/26/2013 11:19) -------
User 5: Very good and interesting info, thanks!
------- (11/26/2013 11:44) -------
User 9: very good way to explain
User 9: I am sure it will be very helpful
User 5: Great ideas about reading and writing for highest ranking journal in which I'd like to publish
User 5: whether submitting there or not at the time.
User 7: Hi Mike, thanks for your input; very interesting.
User 3: a great presentation, thanks Mike!
User 8: thanks for the great info
User 9: How to download his presentation?
Period26 Nov 2013
Degree of RecognitionLocal