Enhance understanding and teaching of PSY218 Psychology of Addiction subject

  • Katrina Andrews (Participant)

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APA Substance Use curriculum for psychology graduate students online learning:
Module 1: Understanding, Assessing and Recognizing Substance Use, Use Disorders and Addiction
This presentation was created by Dr. Carlo DiClemente, Dr. Catherine Grus & Rish Verma, with contributions from Dr. Ken Sher’s presentation in the APA video series on addiction.
I want to deepen my understanding and enhance my teaching of the PSY218 Psychology of Addiction subject.
Dr DiClemente is a co-author of the transtheoretical model of readiness for change, which is a very widely known model used extensively in behaviour change. I have used this model frequently in clinical practice and teaching. This is the first of 5 modules which the APA have produced primarily for graduate students, but I hoped to refresh my knowledge of the psychology of substance use as well as gain some ideas for teaching PSY218. The format is very didactic, which Dr DiClemente lecturing using PowerPoint slides and occasionally showing videos of other speakers also lecturing didactically. This can be an appropriate format for online teaching, but my first impression was that breaking the content into several shorter videos would be easier for students to digest. I also think that some self-questions related to the learning objectives would be helpful to guide students in their study.
Period25 Nov 2022
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