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Online Management Review Framework

The Online Management Review Framework was born from the need to establish a secure, effective, enterprise-level solution for gathering rapid feedback and commentary via an easy to access website. The CSU Faculty of Arts initiated an External Review of the School of Communication and Creative Industries and called for written submissions to the review from staff, students and other relevant parties, such as CSU Faculties, Divisions, Alumni, professional groups and industry partners. The explicit purpose website was created to help stakeholders formally respond to what will ultimately determine the future of the school, courses, staff, students, industry and community. This required conceptualisation through to realisation of an Online Management Review Framework using Drupal, PHP, MySQL and Apache open source technology. The project launched on 22nd February and promoted a healthy response from key stakeholders within a week that provided the factual foundation for a summary of findings on behalf of Animation and Visual Effects stakeholders towards the future of the school and its courses to invested staff, students, industry and community. The Online Management Review Framework provides a solid foundation for future websites with varying levels of permission, participation and review.
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