Graduate Diploma collaboration and development of CLS403

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Graduate Diploma of Paramedicine review and subject development
From reflection:
Scholarly activity 2022
Throughout the year I have been involved with the development of the Graduate Diploma Paramedicine. We have met regularly as a team to ensure we scaffold, present our individually assigned subjects similarly and support each other.
I have also completed a Peer Review and attended presentations during the CSUEdX covering topics such as cheating and assessments via OSCEs.
So what?
Firstly, the peer review was amazing. My reviewer and I discussed many topics relevant to assisting me to develop 2 new subjects. I was provided with multiple links to assist with this development, as well as tips on important points to consider, and I feel I have gained confidence as an educator from this and feel less anxious about my task as I complete the development.
Involvement as a team member rather than just developing the subject on my own has also been extremely beneficial. Through our regular meetings, I have gained a greater understanding of the course as a whole, but also about areas such as scaffolding, assessment writing and rubric creation. We have also consulted with the Indigenous Board of Studies, and I have gained greater insight on how to include First Nations content, as well as cultural competency and safety into my teaching. We have discussed as a group how we can improve this Grad Dip to ensure the students enjoy a positive learning experience. The session on cheating was eye opening, with the speaker showing us how easy it is to cheat, and educating us on which type of assessments work best as a valuable assessment that is difficult to cheat – such as oral vivas.
Now what?
I will utilise the links, information, and advice from my peer review and the CSUEdX sessions to improve my academic performance, especially through my continuing development of 2 new subjects. I will focus first on the subject that will be taught in 202330. For example, from the peer review, I will focus on ensuring all learning outcomes are covered by assessments and that these assessments are linked to the LO’s and that pass level equates to the LO. I will also ensure I create a task through which a student can complete the assessment from the information provided, and not rely on further information given verbally or written elsewhere on the Interact site. I will endeavour to ensure academic integrity is a focus for the students by providing appropriate assessment tasks. I will continue to both seek and offer support from/to colleagues as this is a great way of improving my knowledge and experience of teaching.
PeriodApr 2022Nov 2022
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