Humanities and Social Sciences (Organisational unit)

Cash, B. (Member), Dobud, W. (Member), Duncombe, R. (Member), Katrina Gersbach (Member), Benjamin Iffland (Member), Ivory, N. (Member), Lachlan Kalache (Member), Mlcek, S. (Member), Moorhead, B. (Member), Mungai, N. (Member), Osburn, L. (Facilitator), Pawar, M. (Member), Rush, E. (Member), Short, M. (Facilitator), Velander, F. (Member), Michelle Wilkinson (Member)

Activity: Membership Membership of collaboration/networkAcademic


Teaching and learning (TAL) during and post-COVID-19 think tank. This think tank emerged out a co-operative inquiry about teaching intensives. This think tank is an open group.
Held atHumanities and Social Sciences
Degree of RecognitionRegional