i2 exam template trial

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Copied from reflection output:
Problem definition: To trial exam template for exam use in i2

Purpose: To seek alternative assessment protocol for online exams in accounting subjects

Outcome: Trial abandoned

As a results from 2021 scholarly activity, the use of pre-loaded excel templates onto exam platform used in i2 had been investigated further. During December 2021 to January 2022, several consultations had been made with Rebecca Acheson, an Education Design Lead from DLT FBJBS. After much discussion and investigation with Rebecca’s help, the best approach would be to upload the excel template for each problem question. However, the trial has been abandoned in 2022 due to several reasons:

1. There were concerns about reliability of IT features and internet stability from students’ part, in order to download the files. If students have problem downloading the file, then they can’t proceed with the exams.
2. I was on long service and annual leave for the entire session of 202230. The only time to trial it was during 202260. However, on 23 June 2022, it was announced that the University has invested in a new exam portal, Cirrus, which will be implemented from 202290 then. Hence, it served no point to trial it in 202260 when it will not be usable after that session.

This project was since abandoned. The implementation of Cirrus platform has since delayed to 202360.

Period07 Dec 202101 Jul 2022