So far I reviewed 15 PhD theses in various universities. In 2022, I reviewed a PhD thesis in the in the University of Western Australia that was prepared by a student under the supervision of Winthrop Professor Mohammed Bennamoun. The thesis title was "Hajj Crowd Analysis: Incidents and Solutions".

The examination/review of journal/conference papers and particularly PhD these allows me to remain aware of the recent research studies and ideas. It helps me to reflect upon my own research plans, approaches and achievements. The thesis I reviewed in 2022 helped me to learn how crowd simulation techniques can be used for managing crowd and possible issues/incidents in major events. The thesis used several scenarios and simulations.

Given I currently supervise/co-supervise 12 PhD students and have so far supervised/co-supervised 11 PhD students to successful completion, the knowledge through the thesis examination helps me to reflect upon my own supervision style.
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