James Fallon High School’s Professional Experience Hub Project (research component)

Activity: Scholarly activities in Learning and Teaching reflectionPeer reviewed publication reflection


This article (published in 2021 in Volume 12, No. 2 of the International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies) is the second case study emerging from an Australian professional experience partnership project implemented in a regional secondary school. A strengths approach to professional experience underpinned the project. University-based teacher educators played a key role in designing the project, preparing and supporting teacher education students and facilitating an extended project
partnership with school-based teacher educators. Following on from the first case study, which examined the project from the students’ perspectives, this case study focuses on the project through the lens of the university educators and the implications for enhancing teacher preparation. The data
reveals three main points, firstly the importance of the partnership model, secondly the importance of including understanding of school cultural practices in initial teacher education courses and thirdly the overwhelming importance for university educators of developing and maintaining professional
relationships in teacher education and the opportunity to do this through professional experience.
Held atJames Fallon High School, Australia
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • Professional Experience
  • Teacher Education
  • Strengths Approach