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WHAT? In 2021 I have undertaken 2 leadership roles with the peak professional body for Paramedicine - The Australasian College of Paramedicine.
Chair of The Clinical Standards Committee
Women in Paramedicine committee member

SO WHAT? ACP represents and supports more than 10000 registered Paramedics across Australia and New Zealand through expanding knowledge, organising events, promoting research and more broadly through advocating for the profession.The goal of the Clinical Standards Committee is to provide leadership for the improvement and standardisation of paramedic clinical practice. This will be achieved through collaboration with existing clinical governance systems within organisations and subject matter experts to determine priority areas and systematically develop statements that benchmark essential priorities and care pathways in paramedicine. We have aimed to collaborate with other organisations and subject matter experts to develop a shared understanding of what constitutes good clinical care for a range of common out-of-hospital conditions. My role as the chair of the inaugural committee has been to develop terms of reference, establish clear team goals and remain transparent and accountable through report delivery each quarter. The committee has completed multiple submissions to allied health professional bodies regarding clinical practice and is in the process of developing the first national clinical standard for paramedicine. The women in paramedicine committee is focused on supporting and advocating for the progression of women in paramedicine. It was established in response to the evolving requirements of the profession and to ensure the College continues to meet members’ needs and addresses the challenges that women in paramedicine experience. This role also strongly aligns with my research focus area of gender equality in paramedicine.

NOW WHAT? I will continue to work with the clinical standards committee to see the development and publication of the the first national clinical standard in 2022 whilst contributing to the standards of other health professions to ultimately improve patient care and the patient experience in Australasia. The women in paramedicine committee will also continue to be my focus as I work collaboratively with the team to influence and improve the representation and working environment for women in paramedicine in Australasia.
Period01 Jan 2021
Held atAustralasian College of Paramedicine, Australia
Degree of RecognitionNational