Dr Zobaer Hasan, is Lecturer, the School of Science, Monash University Malaysia (MUM), and Visiting Academic (13 March - 14 April 2023), the School of Computing, Mathematics and Engineering, Charles Sturt University, Australia. His PhD is in Statistical Science from USM, Malaysia. His doctoral and postdoctoral research was on stock market analysis and modelling. He has more than 30 scholarly publications, including a few in the Top 10% of journals based on the Scopus Database. His current research focuses on important topics in Public Health and Biostatistics with inspiration from Professor Azizur Rahman at CSU. As part of his continuous efforts to work in multidisciplinary research, he successfully established a connection with four different universities (outside Malaysia) in four various collaborative projects. He contributed his expertise in statistical analysis, including the project “Health modelling with big data from Southeast Asia” run by Prof. Rahman. Dr Hasan coordinates two statistics subjects and the “Bachelor of Applied Data Science” program at MUM. He successfully incorporated several technological innovations in his teaching and received excellent student feedback. He received seven education grants, three of which are as the PI. These grants led to him being awarded Gold (Education: Team member) and Bronze (Education) in some education innovation competitions.
Period13 Mar 202314 Apr 2023
Visiting fromMonash University Malaysia (Malaysia)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionInternational