Medical Imaging using Deep Learning Models

  • Dr Chetanpal Singh (Speaker)

    Activity: Scholarly activities in Learning and Teaching reflectionAdvanced scholarship reflection


    Deep learning has played a potential role in quality healthcare with fast automated and proper medical image analysis. In clinical applications, medical imaging is one of the most important parameters as with the help of this; experts can detect, monitor, and diagnose any kind of problems that are there in the patient's body. However, there are two things that one needs to understand; that is, the implementation of Artificial Neural Networks and Convolutional Neural Networks as well as deep learning to know about medical image analysis. It is necessary to state here that the deep learning approach is gaining attention in the medical imaging field in evaluating the presence or absence of disease in a patient. Mammography images, digital histopathology images, computerized tomography, etc are some of the areas on which DL implementation focuses. One upon going through the paper will get to know the recent development that has occurred in this field and come up with a critical review on this aspect. The paper has demonstrated in detail modern deep learning models that are implemented in medical image analysis. There is no doubt about the promising future of the deep learning models and according to experts; the implementation of deep learning techniques has outperformed Medical experts in numerous tasks. However, deep learning also has some drawbacks and challenges that are required to be addressed like limited datasets and many more. To mitigate such kinds of challenges, researchers are working on this aspect so that they can enhance healthcare by deploying AI.
    Period22 Jun 2021
    Held, Belgium
    Degree of RecognitionInternational


    • Medical Image Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial intelligence machine learning, Deep Learning, Convolutional neural networks