The workshop will explore, discuss and debate what research is, why we do it and how we can do it better. The workshop is a learning and development activity to describe current and imagine alternative approaches to research. It aims to build an idea of the purpose of research from various perspectives and develop a set of ideal research systems. Stakeholders from across the research system (i.e. producers, researchers, extension agents and others) will engage in the workshop, learning from each other and using that learning to build and refine the ‘ideal’ research system.

So why is practice change needed?

The approach taken to research largely depends on the aim of the research, the context in which it is performed and the skills and interests of the researchers. Change processes are becoming increasingly important, but the approaches and processes to enable and encourage practice change are not well understood. To develop change processes, a change in attitude is required so that universities, in association with other organisations and disciplines, become the enablers of learning rather than perceiving themselves as the holders of knowledge.

Research impacts are now an integral and required part of research projects but there is a limited understanding of what this means and how to achieve and demonstrate those impacts. The current top-down, linear extension processes have limited impacts on practice, and continuing, in the same way, will not produce the desired results.

This requires a change in the practice of research and this workshop forms part of our work into practice change.
Period18 Feb 2019
Event typeWorkshop
LocationWagga Wagga, AustraliaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionRegional