Preparation of new Neuroanatomy lectures for 2nd Year Medicine

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I have been tasked with the preparation and delivery of 10 neuroanatomy lectures to the 2nd year Medicine students. This has required myself to really research areas that I have not studied at a deep level including brainstem, cranial nerves, cerebral cortex and visual pathways. I have made sure I give the students the best diagrams available which has meant searching in numerous neuroanatomy books to obtain the best visual to explain the particular structure/pathway for ease of understanding and not just using the one text. Coupled with the best diagrams I have also made sure to use Google Scholar to find the latest reviews on each topic area and then putting those links to the journal article in the lecture. The process of researching each lecture topic has made myself much more knowledgeable in neuroanatomy and the fact that I had to learn the material in depth has enabled me to express the points in my ppt lectures in the best possible way for student understanding. The fact that I am learning new material is increasing my knowledge of all things anatomy so that I am not just a musculoskeletal expert or cardiovascular expert, but someone with a firm grasp on all systems of the human body.
Period01 Nov 202101 Mar 2022
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