QUASAR Professional Development Session

Activity: Engagement and professional developmentUndertaking advanced specialised practice or scholarly secondmentsProfessional


The Professional Development on Moderation & Grade form is scheduled for the 19th and 20th of June, 2023 (this email has the meeting invite for the 20th of June).

The session on the 20th of June is at 12.00 noon and is a repeat session. It is recommended that you attend ONLY ONE session (either 10.00 am on Monday the 19th of June or 12.00 noon on Tuesday the 20th of June).

Date: 20th of June 2023

Duration: 45 min

Time: 12:00 noon

Who: Subject convenors, Moderators

Abstract: This workshop would be a refresher training on the Moderation & Grade form of the Quality Assurance and Reflection (QUASAR) system. Come for a refresher or to learn if you have never used it.
The session focuses on taking you through the form and sharing some best practices of the moderation process.

Presenter: Wouter Kalle
Period20 Jun 2023
Degree of RecognitionRegional