Redesign and rewrite of HCS300 and HCS509

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I redesigned and rewrote Social Work Theory and Practice 3 (HCS300 and HCS509). This project was undertaken utilising an Indigenist Standpoint Pedagogy and collaborative approach. Student and industry feedback, evidence from content-based literature as well as the literature on learning and teaching were consulted in the beginning stages of this project. I worked collaboratively with the Gulaay First Nations Curriculum and Resources team from beginning to the end of the project to ensure integration of First Nations knowledges into the entire subject. I met fortnightly with a development team of subject coordinators and Gullaay team. Throughout the project I sought feedback from colleagues, leadership staff and the course director. I worked collaboratively with; library staff, Educational designers, community and industry. In February 2021 the subject was taken to the Indigenous Board of Studies for feedback. Overall, the Board was impressed with the collaborative approach and carefully considered privileging of the voices, experiences and lives of Australia’s First Nations people.
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