I like to reflect and revise recently developed subject ITC576- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML) based on the students' feedback, available latest research innovations, and my research innovations on AI/ML.

Things that went well in the 202260 offering: (i) Interactions of two guest lectures who talked about their innovative research using AI/ML, (ii) Students learnt from other students, (iii) practical aspects of assignments made the subject engaging and interesting.

Things that need improving from the 202260 offering: (i) programming codes, (ii) execution time requirements of the last assignment, (iii) learning/teaching for students with no prior Python knowledge.

My plans for changes in ITC576 to be implemented in 202360: (i) update codes by including all libraries based on the latest software versions, (ii) reduce execution time of the last assignment using batch processing/other means, (iii) provide introductory materials for those students who do not have prior Python knowledge.
Period01 Jan 2023
Held atComputing, Mathematics and Engineering
Degree of RecognitionNational


  • AI and ML