Reflection as a Higher Education Academic after completing EEL516

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As part of my journey in mastering the concepts of EEL516, I have learnt the teaching-learning distinction. Instead of focusing on teaching, I now focus on building learning. In the past, my subject design activities included selecting chapters of the book identifying critical issues in the field, describing the mid-term and final assignments. In addition, I used lectures or had guest speakers on specific topics. To sum up, I had a didactic teaching style besides the group presentations and small group discussions.

However, my views of teaching have changed dramatically after reading the contents of the subject and other articles on teaching scholarships. Rather than being a teacher, I view myself as a facilitator of knowledge. Hence, I spend a lot of time building a coherent set of activities that enrich learner experiences. Readings on Andragogy and Experiential Learning in the subject piqued my interest in developing learner-centred activities that consider adult learners' learning styles and competing priorities.
Period13 Jan 202113 Jan 2022
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