I worked with L&T Technologists and Educational Designers to revitalise my subjects ITC161 and ITC544. These subjects were designed with new contents, activities, and scaffolding towards the assessment completion. We used the discovery Learning technique – the method of Inquiry-Based Instruction that encourages students to build on past experiences and knowledge, use their intuition, imagination and creativity, and search for new information to discover facts, correlations and new truths. The revitalisation of ITC161 and ITC544 was apart of the CSU Advantage model that provides a unique opportunity to develop customised and marketable courses that suit students and the industry. In a workshop, we worked towards identifying and integrating an IT discipline-related signature pedagogy that is authentic to the industry. This signature pedagogy articulated and guided the approach to assessment, learning and teaching, allowing the courses to stand out in a crowded marketplace. One ITC161 student commented, "The modules were mostly well thought out and the interactive elements were very useful and appreciated." In addition, for ITC544, we organised students to meet with real-life professionals to discuss software development methodologies and IT service management issues. We invited Dr A M R Mustafa, senior software engineer of X2M Connect, one of Australia's largest IoT Service companies. Dr Mustafa demonstrated how X2M Connect goes through different phases of the software development lifecycle and during designing/deploying IoT devices for various projects. One of my students commented, "Dr Mamun is a very good lecturer. He uses examples that makes sense and makes trying to understand difficult concepts easier. Having a guest speaker on was great (Dr Muhummad?) to speak about Agile Scrum because it linked what was being taught with the real world and showed that what Dr Mamun is saying really does happen in the workplace!"
Period01 Mar 202104 Jun 2021
Held atComputing, Mathematics and Engineering