SCHOLARLY ACTIVITY: Workshop/Webinar and peer reviewed journal article - Responding to student mental health challenges during and post-COVID-19

Activity: Scholarly activities in Learning and Teaching reflectionPeer reviewed publication reflection


In 2020 a group of colleagues in the School of Social Work and Arts joined a Canadian colleague and others from CSU in the L&T area to host a workshop/webinar about supporting social work students during the COVID-19 pandemic. We then went on to form a collaborative inquiry research group to the deeply investigate our role in supporting students who are experiencing mental health issues due to the pandemic. The outcome of the collaborative inquiry was a peer reviewed journal article in an international journal. The deep learning I acquired from this prolonged experience was rich as well as broad. I have learned about the issues involved during acute and chronic crisis and how this impacts student learning, I have also acquired knowledge and skills that will benefit, not only the social work students who the study focused on, but all students who I teach. Whilst some of the skills are practical and concern administrative support, there learning occurred on the level of empathy that can be applied in other crisis situations.
Held atSocial Work and Arts
Degree of RecognitionInternational


  • higher education
  • mental health
  • student engagement
  • COVID-19 pandemic