SLT/SLP LMIC-HMIC Partnerships (External organisation)

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Suzanne is a member of the SLP LIMIC-HMIC Partnership group.
This group is for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and others with an interest in promoting partnerships between stakeholders in LMICs and HICs. Partnerships must aim to support the development of equitable and culturally responsive global services for people with communication and swallowing disabilities.The group is online, mostly via email, using the platform.
The group is guided by 4 underlying principles:

1. Mutuality, with people from LMICs and HICs working collaboratively to harness the power of collective action
2. Capacity building, with a focus on building capacity in systems and groups, rather than for specific individuals
3. Looking forward, to develop new ways of working together
4. Recognising and challenging power inequities between groups in LMIC and HICs.

Suzanne's specific interest in this group relates to the intersection of her living in a LMIC (Fiji) but working in a HIC (Australia) whilst advocating for the needs of people with communication and swallowing disorders in the Western South Pacific.
PeriodSept 2020 → …
Held atSLT/SLP LMIC-HMIC Partnerships
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  • Speech language pathology
  • Fiji
  • South Pacific
  • service provision