Social Justice Issues in graphic novels

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With my research collaborator Karen Gavigan, we wrote a variety of non-peer-reviewed and peer-reviewed publications related to our research on Social Justice Issues in graphics novels for young adults. This project was funded by the American Library Association. The big output from this was a website curating a list of graphic novels for youth addressing social justice issues including race, mental health, disability, gender, immigration and LGBTQIA communities ( As a lecturer of youth literature for preservice teachers, librarians and teacher librarians, I have been able to share this work with my students. It is important that my research and teaching dovetail and that students are seeing this scholarship and how it connects to their learning. By incorporating this work into their learning sites, students are able to make those connections. I will continue to use this work. The website has also been well-received in the field as well with positive feedback coming in from instructors and researchers globally as shown through emails noting it as "a fantastic resource" from a teacher librarian in Croatia and an American teacher librarian who said "This is wonderful! We are talking about graphic novels in about 3 weeks & I'll be sure to include this."
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