SOTL Reflection -Bachelor of Paramedicine Course Scaffolding

Activity: Scholarly activities in Learning and Teaching reflectionSelf/institutional leadership reflection


Reflection 2022
I have led workshops with the discipline to create a new scaffolding document for the current course in preparation for the course review and accreditation in 2023.
So what?
These meetings have created an opportunity for deep reflection on the priorities of teaching paramedicine. Our ways of delivering education are being examined with a closer look at assessment methods and benchmarking across the profession. I have had many staff feeding back to me how much they are learning and enjoying the sessions which gives me joy and satisfaction in my role.
Now what?
It is anticipated that these activities will be continued by the team while I am away on long service leave next year in preparation for the documentation required by mid year for accreditation.
Period01 Oct 20222023
Held atNursing, Paramedicine and Healthcare Sciences