Stig Vinberg

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We would like to invite you to catch up with and listening to Professor Stig Vinberg from Mid Sweden University. Professor Vinberg has spent the last 30 years working with occupational health and workplace development issues. Currently he is managing the Master Programme in Working Life, Health and Rehabilitation at Mid Sweden University. His main areas of research interest are leadership and workplace health promotion. Some of his most recent publications include: Vinberg, S. & Landstad, B. (2014). Workplace-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs in Swedish Public Human Service Organisations<>. International Journal of Disability Management, vol. 9: e1, pp. 1-10. Landstad, B. & Vinberg, S. (2013). Female leaders’ experiences of psychosocial working conditions and its health consequences in Swedish public human service organizations<>. Vulnerable Groups & Inclusion, vol. 4 Källmén, H. , Leifman, H. , Hermansson, U. & Vinberg, S. (2013). The Prevalence of Alcohol Prevention Efforts in Swedish Workplaces<>. International Journal of Disability Mangement Research, vol. 8: 3, pp. 1-7. Nordenmark, M. , Vinberg, S. & Strandh, M. (2012). Job control and demands, work-life balance and wellbeing among self-employed men and women in Europe.<>. Vulnerable Groups & Inclusion, vol. 3 Vinberg, S. (2012). Modern working life and inclusion<>. Vulnerable Groups & Inclusion, vol. 3 Date for presentation: Tuesday 25th November For those who cannot attend in Wagga Wagga, the presentation will also be through video conference.
Period25 Nov 2014
Visiting fromMid Sweden University (Sweden)
Visitor degreeProfessor
Degree of RecognitionInternational