The diverse perspectives within Australian youth literature

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I was invited to write an article for Literacy Today professional journal of the International Literature Association (ILA). This article was published after my teaching session was completed so I was unable to share it directly with students but have plans to add it to my 2023 subjects.
This article is important as it reaches educators globally who are involved in teaching literacy to young people and also in encouraging youth to read. Including my own publications in my teaching is a good way to model for my students that I am engaged in the professional practices I want them to have as well. Also, Australian youth literature is important to share internationally and in my experience as a primary school teacher librarian in the USA, this literature is not well known. Sharing it with other English speaking countries is important to Australian youth and youth abroad.
Publishing this article has also highlighted my name and work to ILA members. This has led to me joining the ILA Young Adult Book Award Committee and I am currently reading over 100 books written by first time authors globally with 5 other committee members around the world. This challenging activity will be a great way for me to get familiar with new books to share with my students and could also create some opportunities for research.
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