Towards empirically valid instructional design models for virtual learning environments ( C14/19/057 )

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Instructional design (I.D.) models provide guidelines on what elements to include in learning environments and how to structure them in view of adequately evoking and supporting functional learning activities. By following the guidelines the probability that learners acquire the intended learning outcomes increases. Most I.D. models are theoretically sound and empirically grounded, but have not been empirically validated. The availability of digital learning environments and the possibility to unobtrusively trace students’ behavior in them allows to engage in the empirical validation of I.D. models. This project therefore empirically investigates the potential of existing I.D. models to describe I.D. elements in virtual learning environments for predicting learners’ future learning outcomes through differences in students’ behavior.
Amount requested € 234210.00
Period24 Jan 201925 Mar 2019
Held atKU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium)