4. International Dairy Congress is Held in Konya

  • Muhammad Qureshi
  • Dr S Shafiullah Khan
  • Peter Wynn
  • MIthat Direk
  • Irfanul Haq Qureshi
  • Ms Samia Subhan Qureshi
  • Umer Sadique
  • Sher Bahadur Khan
  • Arif Yousaf
  • Ghazala Yasmin
  • Muhammad Azam Kakar
  • Shakoor Ahmad
  • S Mufti Naeem Bukhari

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    The 4th International Dairy Congress, which was organized with the cooperation of Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Selçuk University (SU) and which has participation from 13 countries, has started.
    Speaking at the opening of the congress held at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, SU Rector. Dr. Stating that universities are very important institutions for the development of countries, Mustafa Şahin stated that universities are also the places where the future of the countries are planned and the young generations to build the country are raised. Noting that the support of the Metropolitan Municipality added a different beauty to the organization. Dr. Şahin said, “Although the main topic of the congress is dairy, it is also pleasing to exchange ideas and share experiences in many different areas. Because each country's own experience and experience can be very different. ”
    "The source of agriculture in Turkey Konya"
    Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Malik Otegen, such a meeting, noting the importance of being done in Konya, with agriculture the future of mankind is directly related and Turkey also said it was in Konya in a sense, of the agricultural resources. As the Metropolitan Municipality, Ötegen, who gave information about their work on agriculture, said, “I believe that we will get positive results in line with the statements of the participants. We want all these efforts to have healthy results. Because all these reports and meetings that draw attention to problems such as agriculture and food safety and elimination of food shortage are very important for the future of both our countries and the world. ”
    "Turkey will try to benefit from the wisdom and experience,"
    Peshawar Dairy Technopark President Prof. Dr. In Subhan Kuresh, noting that Turkey's taken a leadership role in all Muslim countries, Pakistan will try to injuries from Turkey's wisdom and experience, he said. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government Deputy Secretary General Arif Yusuf, "scientists in Pakistan and Turkey in the future hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder again bringing together different ideas TechnoPark many conferences in parallel, it will perform the congress. In this regard, I would especially like to thank Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Selcuk University. ”
    Participation in the congress from 13 countries
    Turkey, as well as the five-day congress in Pakistan, Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Mongolia, Niger, Sudan and leaflets will offer participants from The Gambia. The opening of the congress, Mardan Women's University Rector. Dr. Ghazala Yasmin, World Bank Director of Pakistan Quetta Prof. Dr. M. Azam Kakar, Konya Plain Project (KOP) Regional Development Administration Chairman İhsan Bostancı, Bahri Dağdaş International Agricultural Research Institute Director Fatih Özdemir and academicians and other agricultural stakeholders participated

    Period01 Nov 2017

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • Title4th International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park
      Degree of recognitionInternational
      Media name/outletDaily Millat, Turkey
      Media typePrint
      Duration/Length/Size5 days
      DescriptionThe 4th International Conference and Industrial Exhibition on Dairy Science Park was held on November 1st to 5th, 2017 at Selçuk University- Konya, Turkey. The Conference was organized jointly by the Mayor Konya Municipality, Konya Turkey, Selcuk University Konya, Konya Teknokent, Dairy Science Park Society Peshawar, Women University Mardan, University of Agriculture Peshawar, Baluchistan University Quetta and Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Prof M Subhan organized the Conference as Chief Patron DSP and Dr Mithat Direk assisted as Turkish counterpart. The fourth event of the series was held with the theme “Achieving Food Security through Entrepreneurship Development and Biorisk Management (BRM)”.
      Producer/AuthorProf M Subhan Qureshi, President Dairy Science Park
      PersonsMuhammad Qureshi, Dr S Shafiullah Khan, Peter Wynn, MIthat Direk, Irfanul Haq Qureshi, Ms Samia Subhan Qureshi, Umer Sadique, Sher Bahadur Khan, Arif Yousaf, Ghazala Yasmin, Muhammad Azam Kakar, Shakoor Ahmad, S Mufti Naeem Bukhari


    TitleInternational Workshop on Dairy Science Park
    LocationAgricultural University Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan
    Period20 Nov 2011 → 22 Nov 2011


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