1. An alarming 40 per cent of frontline health workers are ready to quit their jobs and walk away ... due to the stress of the COVID pandemic - according to a new study. The findings come as no surprise to local health professionals For dedicated Albury nurse Charlotte Todros, months on the COVID frontline has taken a toll. She's walked away from the job she once loved. This is very, very hard to talk about but I actually haven't worked since the end of October last year .. we're now in July 2021. It's very tough, I suffer from a lot of anxiety, just because of the day

  2. to day stresses that nurses face. A Charles Sturt University study has found 40 per cent of frontline workers are ready to quit, as a direct result of the stress caused by the pandemic. More than 1500 front line workers, including police, paramedics, health and welfare professionals participated in the survey, which investigated issues such as stress levels, depression, anxiety and workplace burnout. We found high levels of anxiety and depression, probably 10 times the level depression in the general population pre COVID. If experiend professionals do walk away, regional health systems - which are already under staffed and under pressure - would be devastated. No, I'm not surprised at all ... it's it's a huge strain, mentally, physically, emotionally, it's very, very drainingthey rely on us to give what the family would normally give because the family can't come to them. And a reminder to those who are hanging in there it will end, it's going to get better absolutely and that we are doing an amazing job and that we should just keep going. Jessica Whitty, PRIME7 News. 


Period30 Jul 2021

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    DescriptionAn alarming 40 per cent of frontline health workers are ready to quit their jobs and walk away ... due to the stress of the COVID pandemic - according to a new study. The findings come as no surprise to local health professionals For dedicated Albury nurse Charlotte Todros, months on the COVID frontline has taken a toll. She's walked away from the job she once loved. This is very, very hard to talk about but I actually haven't worked since the end of October last year .. we're now in July 2021. It's very tough, I suffer from a lot of anxiety, just because of the day to day stresses that nurses face. A Charles Sturt University study has found 40 per cent of frontline workers are ready to quit, as a direct result of the stress caused by the pandemic. More than 1500 front line workers, including police, paramedics, health and welfare professionals participated in the survey, which investigated issues such as stress levels, depression, anxiety and workplace burnout. We found high levels of anxiety and depression, probably 10 times the level depression in the general population pre COVID. If experiend professionals do walk away, regional health systems - which are already under staffed and under pressure - would be devastated. No, I'm not surprised at all ... it's it's a huge strain, mentally, physically, emotionally, it's very, very drainingthey rely on us to give what the family would normally give because the family can't come to them. And a reminder to those who are hanging in there It will end, it's going to get better absolutely and that we are doing an amazing job and that we should just keep going. Jessica Whitty, PRIME7 News.
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