A scientific guide to Western art: Information theories reveals some interesting patterns

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Period14 Oct 2020

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  • TitleA scientific guide to Western art
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    DescriptionA unique collaboration between physicists, data scientists and art historians has provided afresh look at 500 years of art history. The international team statistically analysed nearly 15,000 Western landscape paintings in an attempt to quantify their design principles. This revealed not only that composition patterns have evolved through history, but also that they characterise individual artists and artistic styles.“Understanding how artistic expressions and design principles have changed over time is a central question in art history, aesthetics, and cultural evolution,” the researchers explain in a paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Art has long functioned as a significant channel for human creativity and communication. Throughout history, it has evolved in a complex interplay with the social, technological and scientific environments of the time.
    Producer/AuthorLauren Fuge
    PersonsEleanor Gates-Stuart


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