Building communication capacity: Letters from Fiji

  • Suzanne Hopf
  • Donna Carkeet
  • Terri Walker
  • Trisha Khatri
  • Gwendalyn Webb
  • Joanne Walters
  • Sureni Perera

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    This article provides information on the current state of development of speech pathology services in Fiji.

    Period01 Nov 2018

    Media contributions


    Media contributions

    • TitleBuilding communication capacity: Letters from Fiji
      Degree of recognitionInternational
      Media name/outletASHA KIRAN
      Media typePrint
      Duration/Length/Size7 pages
      Country/TerritoryUnited States
      Producer/AuthorAmerican Speech-Language Hearing Association Asian Indian Caucus (AIC)
      PersonsSuzanne Hopf, Donna Carkeet, Terri Walker, Trisha Khatri, Gwendalyn Webb, Joanne Walters, Sureni Perera


    • Speech-language pathology
    • Fiji
    • service development
    • communication capacity development