Do-gooders, not bad

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Period08 Nov 2008

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Media contributions

  • TitleDo-gooders not bad
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    DescriptionIN RESPONSE to the “Slamming Daws” column dated November 6, the team at the Kalgoorlie Alcohol Action Project would like to thank Mr Daws for raising some very relevant issues that we have been trying to bring into the spotlight for a long time.
    However, we would like the opportunity to respond to some of his statements.
    Firstly, Doug the only reason you have not met any of the team at KAAP is because you have ignored several requests from us to meet with you. This is a shame because then you may have been more informed on the matters you discussed in your column, and actually discovered in many aspects we are all working off the same page.
    We are not going to resort to name calling, but wonder why it has suddenly become an insult to call someone a “do-gooder”? Considering the other options are to be a “do-nothinger” or a “do-badder”, we know which category we are happy to be in. So if wanting to make changes to better our community for the majority results in us being called “do-gooders”, then so be it.
    The reason for choosing a contentious title for the upcoming community forum was to grab people’s attention and to generate public debate, which so far appears to be working.
    And unfortunately research has shown that Boom and Booze are “inter-related”, not only in Kalgoorlie, but in most mining towns.
    And we certainly agree with Doug’s comments that it is a minority that are the cause of most of the alcohol-related issues. But as someone once said: “evil thrives when good men do nothing” and in this case these irresponsible drinkers are forcing various restrictions on the rest of the community because we, the community are condoning their behaviour through our inaction.
    And for your information, we are not “metropolitan public servants bucketing the country centres”. We have lived in this community for an average of 10 years and in fact it was our own city council that approached the funding body to request assistance in addressing the high rates of alcohol related problems in their city.
    Thus we are funded to tackle only alcohol related issues, not illicit drugs, however if you can get funding for us to address those problems as well, we would be happy to consider it. Furthermore, research evidence has shown the social and economic costs for alcohol related harms cost our community, country and the world seven times more than those associated with all other drugs put together.
    So if people want to inform themselves on what is really happening and what strategies might work in Kalgoorlie, then we encourage them to come along to the forum on Wednesday and have their say. They may even get a biscuit with their cup of tea. Be a part of the solution instead of constantly reminding yourself what the problems are. That’s easy.
    Fredrik Velander and the Kalgoorlie Alcohol Action Project
    Producer/AuthorWest Australian Newspapers Limited
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