End of the Decade Interview

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    Interview with Hit 93.1 regarding the history of the Western calender and whether the new decade truly begins in 2020 or 2021.

    Period11 Dec 2019

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    Media contributions

    • TitleEnd of the Decade
      Degree of recognitionRegional
      Media name/outletHit 93.1
      Media typeRadio
      DescriptionUsing our methods of tracking time, a year zero was not accounted for in our calendar calculations. Mathematically speaking, the next decade technically begins in 2021. However, I argue that the cultural understanding of a 'decade' is different to the mathematical/calendar one. From a Western culturall perspective the new decade actually denotes 2020-2029. This practice is particularly notable during the 20th century, and we tend to use the term ‘decade’ not merely to note the passing of10 years, but to distinguish a nominal period - such as, the ‘roaring 20s’.
      PersonsElise Rosser