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Period20 Jul 2022

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Media contributions

  • Title First Nations people in rural NSW lived with more anxiety and fear about COVID-19 than non-First Nations people
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outletSouthern Cross Media Group
    Media typeRadio
    DescriptionStudy reveals how concerning COVID was for rural NSW First Nations communities.

    In our study we tested the links between age, sex, First Nations status, access to healthcare and family situation. We also asked how often First Nations people felt fearful about COVID-19, and how harmful they thought the virus was.

    First Nations peoples felt afraid more often than non-First Nations people did. They also felt it was highly likely they would catch the virus, and that it would be very harmful to them and their community.

    Nearly 60 per cent of First Nations peoples thought there was nothing they could do about COVID-19, and only 11.6 per cent of the rest of the sample agreed with this statement. This is interesting because when vaccines were first made available in Australia, First Nations people were identified as a high priority group.

    Their fears were justified because the Delta variant of COVID-19 quickly took hold in small communities that have limited healthcare services. The availability of services needed to provide vaccinations was not taken into account in vaccine rollout plans.
    PersonsAzizur Rahman


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