I spoke about what it takes to become a software engineer and what steps it would take to get there. 

Period13 Jun 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleHow to become a software engineer
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    DescriptionSome of the highest-paid graduates in Australia are those who work in the tech industry. When you consider the success and growth of companies like Amazon, Atlassian and Canva, this hardly comes as a surprise. With software engineers typically earning an eye-watering average of $115k per year, it has never been a better time to be a job hunter in the industry.

    Not only do these tech companies have attractive salary packages, but they also can include additional benefits. Think stock options, end-of-year bonuses, gym memberships, in-house baristas, catered lunches and more.

    Technology is all around us – from Uber Eats to Spotify to Tap and Go payment software. The tech industry is all about creating new things, improving things that exist, or addressing issues or problems. In essence, the technology industry is all about invention and innovation.

    So, with the technology industry having so much to offer, you might be wondering how you can further your career to become a software engineer.

    We spoke with Charles Sturt’s Senior Lecturer in Computer Science Dr Ashad Kabir. He shed some light on what it takes to become a software engineer and what steps it would take to get there. Let’s go through it
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