'Hunter Wine: A History' chronicles rich story of Australia's oldest wine region

  • Julie McIntyre
  • John Germov

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    Buried deep in the archives in the Mitchell Library in Sydney is a dog-eared exercise book recording details of the grape harvest at Ivanhoe vineyard in the Hunter Valley in 1891.

    On one page, dated February 16, are listed the names of two dozen pickers and a tally of how many buckets of grapes each person loaded on to the dray that day. And there, on the opposite page, is a small, squashed grape, its long-dried juice staining the paper. You can imagine the vineyard foreman snapping shut his tally book at the end of that hot February afternoon 127 years ago, unaware of the stray shiraz berry destined to be pressed and preserved for posterity. It is an unusually tangible link to the past.

    Period14 Sep 2018

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