Life Matters Rise Series: Rise with Mahsheed Ansari

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Period20 Mar 2017

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • Title3 Tips to Building on Islamic Knowledge and Social Care | RISE with Mahsheed Ansari!
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletLife Matters Academy
    Media typeWeb
    Duration/Length/Size6 mins 18 sec
    Description3 Tips to Building on Islamic Knowledge and Social Care With thanks to our guest, Masheed Ansari! --- RISE is the breaking of dawn after the deafening silence of the dark night. RISE is the gathering of cool water after the plummeting fall off a water cliff. RISE is the awakening and coming together of women, as they embark on a metaphysical journey of Iman, Tranquility and Success. Join us as we unlock the chest of courage, love, mercy, innovation, motivation, ambition, achievement, compassion, forgiveness, perseverance that exists in each and every woman! Where we celebrate the multifariousness of the Muslim Woman, whomever and wherever she is, the individual that gives meaning to the collective, which is in turn, a burning blaze of goodness for humanity. Now is the time to rewrite the narrative of the Muslim Woman - by the Muslim Woman. --- Background Nasheed: Maher Zain - Amorana Amalona (Vocals Only) The RISE Series is a collaborative effort of Life Matters Academy. --- More info at: Facebook:
    Producer/AuthorMahsheed Ansari
    PersonsMahsheed Ansari