Today, the VietSpeech team hosted an online launch of the free bilingual book titled "VietSpeech: Multilingual Children/Trẻ em Đa ngữ". The 52-page book aims to support Vietnamese-Australian children and families to maintain their home language and enhance speech skills in Vietnamese and English. It contains many strategies to support families’ teaching of Vietnamese every day at home. 

The free book is available here: 

This book is the culmination of our VietSpeech research project funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery ARC Discovery Grant is titled Vietnamese-Australian children's speech and language competence (DP180102848) that began in 20218 and concluded in December 2021. VietSpeech team members are here:

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Period07 Mar 2022

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleNew book fosters survival of home language among Vietnamese-Australian children
    Media name/outletABC Premium News (Australia)
    PersonsSharynne McLeod, Sarah Verdon, Van Tran


TitleBook launch of "VietSpeech: Multilingual Children/Trẻ em Đa ngữ"
LocationCharles Sturt University, Bathurst
Period07 Mar 2022 → 07 Mar 2022