New face at CSU

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New face at CSU
AFTER 14 years as a paramedic in NSW, Phillip
Ebbs has a wealth of experience that he's keen to
share in his new role with Charles Sturt University
(CSU) in Port Macquarie.
Before taking up the role of senior lecturer in
paramedicine, Mr Ebbs worked as a paramedic and
manager across Sydney and regional NSW,
attaining the rank of Superintendent and recently
spending 12 months as an Acting Assistant
He has been a member of NSW Ambulance
Incident Management Teams for a number of
operations, including the Lindt Cafe siege and the
recent Hunter storms.
Mr Ebbs said he's looking forward to the
challenges and opportunities of his new role on the
Mid-North Coast.
"As part of the School of Biomedical Sciences I'll
be supporting paramedics and managers in
Australia and internationally as the profession
meets new challenges associated with a changing
scope of paramedic practice, new opportunities in
health technology, national registration for
paramedics, and increased requirements to work
seamlessly with health and emergency service
partners,” he said.
Mr Ebbs assisted with the introduction of world
leading stroke, mental health, cardiac, trauma and
sub-acute care programs across regional NSW,
particularly in the Hunter and Mid-North Coast.
He has also volunteered in Papua New Guinea,
and has flown as a paramedic on helicopters in New
Zealand during a paramedic exchange program.
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20 May 2015
Port Macquarie News, Port Macquarie NSW
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