No change to fitness centre restrictions as Victorian government eases lockdown measures

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Period28 Sep 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitleNo change to fitness centre restrictions as Victorian government eases lockdown measures
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    DescriptionDr Rachael Jefferson-Buchanan, specialist in human movement at Charles Sturt University, has warned that ongoing closures would have a series of knock-on ramifications.

    Dr Jefferson-Buchanan advised “improved physical and mental health status leads to more physical activity, which in turn has a positive association with better mental health and physical health. People with high exercise levels also display fewer health problems when they encounter stress.

    “Premier Andrews must provide an evidence base for this gym closure decision, or the mid and long-term adverse health effects for the Victorian population will be felt. Gyms need to be reclassed as an essential service during this pandemic.

    “Long-term consequences of a lack of fitness activities in gyms will likely affect the population’s future motivation to exercise and re-join gyms when they eventually open. This will have an adverse effect on the population’s health, as well as the fitness industry more generally.

    Dr Jefferson-Buchanan pointed to a 2018 study that investigated the relationship between resistance exercise training and mental health outcomes. It concluded that weight training was associated with a significant reduction in depressive symptoms regardless of the participants’ age, sex, health status, or the program/session duration, intensity, or frequency.
    PersonsRachael Jefferson-Buchanan