Productivity and Innovation in Aged Care: A Focus on Sustainable Outcomes

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The term productivity has a number of meanings in aged care, as it does in healthcare generally.  More recently the focus has shifted from measuring productivity as simply output or effectiveness of services at a system level to understanding and meeting individual patient or client needs from an evidence informed, person-centred perspective.   This broader conception of ‘evidence’ incorporates multiple sources and may include the lived experiences of older people, their carers and communities, the practice of individual professionals from multiple disciplines, the experience of provider organisations and administrators and learnings from policy implementations and directions. 

This shift in focus from a system to an individual level is reflected in the work of the Australian Productivity Commission, whose latest project utilises a case study approach to identify reform opportunities in aged care.  Using the management of chronic health conditions to examine funding mechanisms for individual benefit, the aim of this initiative is to not only promote people’s wellbeing but also to encourage efficiencies within the health care system through innovation.  Implementing innovative interventions on a larger scale would then support the response to increases in demand for services, budgetary and financial challenges, workforce shortages and a growing number of clients.

There was a clear finding from the Australian Royal Commission into Aged Care Final Report (2021) that aged care providers across the sector, as leaders in service provision, have a duty of care that is integral to maintaining the dignity and well-being of older persons. Innovation relies on the commitment of leaders and the desire for change at a clinical and organizational level.  Workforce flexibility can then support the increase of tailored services for people at home and enables more efficient and effective care.

In summary, improved productivity at both the individual client, organisation and workforce level can ultimately result in more sustainable outcomes for all. 

Period29 Jul 2021

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