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Interview with Sally Bryant on the ABC Riverina Breakfast program, 05/08/2022 09:35am regarding cinematography for ABC TV teleseries, Mystery Road: Origin

The discussion considers the growing diversity and quality of storytelling in Australian teleseries media, the importance of visibility of First Nations creators in creative entertainment industries, and the general viability of Australian media production in a shifting platform environment. The focus of the interview, ABC TV's teleseries Mystery Road: Origin, features exceptional cinematography that captures the remote Australian landscape. The series is heavily driven by First Nations talent, and the interview touched on the increasing representation of First Nation peoples' voices in Australian screen media. 

Period05 Aug 2022

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Media contributions

  • TitleInterview for ABC Riverina Breakfast with Sally Bryant
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletBreakfast with Sally
    Media typeRadio
    Duration/Length/Size9 minutes 45 seconds
    DescriptionThe interview with ABC Riverina Radio Breakfast program host Sally Bryant discusses Australian cinematography, the rise of First Nation voices, stories, and creative practitioners in screen media. The interview also considers general viability of Australian productions in a changing media landscape. The focal point of the discussion, ABC's teleseries Mystery Road: Origin (2022), is set in remote Australia, where so many great Australian cinematographers have worked with a uniquely challenging but rewarding landscape. The exceptional quality of cinematography in Mystery Road: Origin is compelling, accomplished work, presenting the landscape as a critical protagonist. It does so in a highly cinematic form more commonly associated with features than teleseries, embodying the blurring of lines between disciplines - something shaped by the changing nature of entertainment consumption in a digital, on-demand consumer market.
    Producer/AuthorBryant, Sally
    PersonsRachel Walls, Sally Bryant


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